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Goodbye Goodguy 
Tom: D
D                                                  A
I feel like my feet have forgotten the way to your door
D                                              A
I have my hands and my words but what are they for
Bm                             A                      E
And you said you thought I was cute but Im just a cut flower
And every seconds an hour
D                                             A
We scream, scream, that wasnt the way that it was
D                               A
I believe beauty was drowned in because
Bm                          A                     E
My mix and match memory has managed to make you a god
And everything else I forgot
D   A
D   A
Bm  A
Bm      A
Goodbye goodguy
D                                             A
I want to tell someone invisible that its not fair
D                                                     A
Were made up of moments and fingernails, toenails and hair
Bm                    A                   E
And in between be and begin and a jail of clay
How can you love me anyway?
D   A
D   A
Bm  A
Bm      A
Goodbye goodguy
Bm      A
Goodbye goodguy
F#m     A
Goodbye goodguy
D                                         A
Something was hovering over you boy, just then
D                                                 A
You scolded me, told me dont bother, and vanished again
Bm                         A                         E
And everything perfect you said was just mirrors and wires
You look left, I was right
Here with my feet in my fire
D   A
Goodbye goodguy
Bm A E F#m Bm
Accidently Kelly Street
Tom: A

 A                   F#m                                       
Here's a door and here's a window
 D                    E
Here's the ceiling, here's the floor
      A                   F#m
The room is lit lika a black and white movie
     D               E
The TV's on, that's what it's for
D           F#m               Bm                  E
And if you walk real slowly, you can feel the planet breathe
D                   F#m          Bm                   E
There's no need to feel so lonly now that we've all learned to give

A             F#m                D                     E
Accidently Kelly Street where friends and strangers sometimes meet
A             F#m           D             E                A
Accidently Kelly Street I never thought life could be so sweet

A              F#m
In the garden birds are singing
     D              E
The sun is shining on the path
A              F#m
The wind is talking to the flowers
      D                E
The dogs and cats all take a bath
D            F#m              Bm                 E
And if you stop that talking you can hear the traffic sigh
D                 F#m             Bm                       E
Throw away those keys, start walking and watch those tiny things go by

                -    chorus    -
F#m            D                      E       A
It's Sunday everyday and there's no need to rush around
F#m         Bm               D               E
Inside of everybody there's sun and laughter to be found
A                        F#m
It seems that we're on holidays
     D              E
And sleeping in is not a sin
A                      F#m
All the house work's done by teatime
       D                    E
I'm felling good about the way I've been
D              F#m           Bm                   E
Perhaps this optimism will crash on down like a house of cards
D           F#m               Bm                E
I know that my decision to change my life was not that hard

               -   chorus   -                                                  
No Time
Tom: Bm
Bm           D                    A G# G
You know you never know your self
All of thos awkward    silences
All the years youve lived you
Over    break  fast as  you
F#m                     Bm
could be someone   else 
fumble   with your toast
                  D                  A G# G
And all the times youve been   alone 
and now the   ma-gics  gone for good
        All the lies you  told   now   
Little things get on your nerves that 
F#m              B
haunt ya perfect spacious home and now                             
never bothered   you be - fore and now
C              D C                  D   G C
 theres no time   and now theres no time  
        G    F# F        Em           A
its not such a  crime to say you dont love her (repeat from beginning)
F#m                      Bm
  and you swore it would never happen to you
F#m                   G            C
   and you said you'd always be so true
        A7       C              D
but ah_   and now theres no time 
C                  D       Am             Bb
 and now theres no time now theres no time
 E/B C D B7/D Em D/F# G D/A
 C#m7 D Am7  D (repeat and fade)
Not Given Lightly
Tom: C
C	 A
Hello my friend
     F		      G
It's morning, time to wake now
C	   A
In body in mind
   F		       G
In twined will have to break now
C		A
But I need your flesh
     F		      G
Your warmth to stay beside me
C	 A	  F
Oh how I wish you could be
Deep inside me
C	     A
Show me your eyes
     F		     G
Your low most tender feelings
C		  A
And I'll give you mine
   F		  G
Be truthful and revealing
And it's you that I love
And it's true that I love
	 F		G
And it's love not given lightly
But I knew that it's love
And it's you that I love
	 F		   G
And it's more than what it might be
E --3----
B ----3--
C	    A
When we're alone
  F		G
I cannot always face you
C	 A
Maybe my mood
     F		      G
Will let these arms embrace you
C	 	 A
But that doesn't mean
   F		     G
My love's somewhat diminished
C	    A
Give me the time
   F		     G
To show our love's unfinished
(repeat chorus)
D			F  G
And every word I say is true
C	   A
What can I say
    F		      G
The words destroy all meanings
C	        A
There's only cliche's
   F		   G
To get across this feeling
low E -8\--  B -1-1-1-1---
             G --0-0-0-0--
C	  A
This is a love song
    F		     G
For John and Desha's mother
C	   A
This isn't easy
  F		   G
I might not write another
(repeat chorus 2x)


Ordinary Angels
Tom: E
E                         A
You get the world for you birthday baby
E                      C#m
open your eyes and say yes no maybe the
box ticks on the core is a bomb, the world
A             F#m                          Esus4 E  
is silent you listen like a lover to it 
Some times a mirrors a miracle
E                       C#m7
sometimes it nothing at all  in
Amaj7           F#m7        Amaj7   F#m7
this reflection even angels fall
Amaj7         F#m7    Bbmaj7      Gm7
you could fly anytime ba da da da de dal da be
Bmaj7       G#m7  N.C
da da da de da da even though you own your own come
E               Amaj7
ordinary people its ok
E                G#7        Amaj7
you dont have to wear those wings they're
C#7    Dmaj7  Esus4* E Esus4* E
stupid things 
I know some dizzy easy heigyts 
E                          C#m7
dont stop your life at the lights
Amaj7          F#m7         Amaj7         F#m7          Amaj7  F#m7
Dont be smart be a beginner dont be wrong even when its right  
E               Amaj7
Ordinary people its okay
E                 G#7* Amaj7
were not watching any-way  
C#7  Dmaj7  N.C
its okay be de da da  da da da da be
de da da de de da da da da da
                           C#m7 F#m6
de da da de be da da de da
Amaj7 F#5m9 C#m7 F#m6* Amaj7 F#5m9
Amaj7      F#m7         Amaj7       F#m7
de de da de be da da be de da de de be da da de da de
Bizarre Love Triangle
Tom: F
F            G
Every time I think of you
        Em                        F
I get a shot right through into a bolt of blue
        F                          G
It's no problem of mine but it's a problem I find
Em                         F
Living a life that I can't leave behind
F                   G
There's no sense in telling me
    Em                     F
The wisdom of a fool won't set you free
               F                              G
But that's the way that it goes and it's what nobody knows
    Em               G
And every day my confusion grows
F            G
Every time I see you falling
  Em             F
I get down on my knees and pray
    F                G
I'm waiting for that final moment
    Em                   F
You say the words that I can't say
**Repeat Intro:
F               G
I feel fine and I feel good
Em            F
I feel like I never should
         F                           G
Whenever I get this way I just don't know what to say
             Em                        F
Why can't we be ourselves like we were yesterday
F                 G 
I'm not sure what this could mean
Em                   F
I don't think you're what you seem
        F                       G              
I do admit to myself that if I hurt someone else
         Em                        F
Then I'd never see just what we're meant be

Labour of love
Tom: F#m                        
           F#m            A
       1. (Hm, uh) Am I fooling you,
                  E                          B
          Do you fall for it all, do you just see right through?
          F#m          A           E      B
          Are you as cool as you believe?
           F#m        A
          Are you playing hard,
          E                                B
          Are you waiting just to quietly clock my card?
          F#m      A                       E      B
          Are you waiting for a moment to leave?
           F#m            A
       2. I don't know how I bent,
          E                          B
          What you said, to what I believe you meant.
          F#m            A           E  B
          I don't know anything at all.
           F#m                  A
          I'm standing in the push and shove
                  E                                       B
          And I'm just within the rescue of the labour of your love,
          F#m          A            E         B
          I can't do anything but fall (fall, fall fall fall)
    Ref:  Why do I feel like I can never find you?
          Why do I feel like I'm the only survivor?
          F#m         A           E                            B
          Why am I thinking of, you and me and the labour of love.
           F#m          A
       3. One chance, one shot,
          E                  B
          That's all anybody ever got.
         F#m       A
          Newborn, still warm,
          E                                  B
          Naked in the rush hour, dancing in my gutter.
         F#m                 A
          And if you want to find me,
          E                                                 B
          Call me I'll be far from the cars and guitars and everybody.
       4.  F#m  A E B     F#m  A E B
         F#m          A
          And I never knew before,
                E                      B
          But I feel like a child in a cold cold war.
       F#m         A
          So strong, so tough,
          E                                  B
          Sitting in suburbia waiting for the wind-up.