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As Time goes By 
(From the film "CASABLANCA")
tom: Dm
Intro :  C - Em - F - G
        Dm             G      Dm               G7
1. You must remember this, a kiss is still  a kiss.
       C              Am -Em-Am        D            D7       G
    A sigh is just a sigh,        the fundamental things apply,
        G7        C    - Em - F - G
    as time goes by.
        Dm              G          Dm                G7
2. And when two lovers woo, they still say : I love you !
         C            Am-Em-Am        D               D7      G
    On that you can rely.         No matter what the future brings,
        G7        C    - F -  C - C7
    as time goes by.
    F                               A7
3.    Moonlight and love songs are never out of date,
Dm                          F    
    hearts full of passion jealousy and hate.
     Am                   D                 D7
    Woman needs man, and man must have his mate,
          G       Dm    G - G7
    that no one  can deny.
          Dm                  G       Dm                  G7
    It's still the same old story, a fight for love and glory,
       C             Am -Em-Am       D                 D7      G
    a case of do or die.        The world will always welcome lovers,
        d         G     - G7 - C - C7
    as time goes by.
+ repeat 3 +  G7 - C - F - C